We have a colourful, lively, Activity and recreation room which provides favourable atmosphere where students open up in putting forth their best creative minds. There are different varieties of toys that are both educational and recreational. Like soft toys, balls, blocks of numbers, alphabet tree, buttoning, zipping, lace up, frames, building blocks, aiming games, snap set pool, balancing for concentration, ladder, numeric and alphabet mats, etc. to enhance the skills of students. The children can gather in small groups in the activity room to participate in games, interact, and take part in any other organized activities. We have games, crafts, and story sacks in the activity room. This calm expansion allows the kids every chance to engage in small group work, as well as individual and large group work, which we believe is necessary for their development. In the Recreation room, all students can come to participate in a variety of recreations to establish leadership skills, teamwork, and communication.